Website FAQ

1. How can I buy Akshara?

Download the Akshara Application from Playstore. Register with the application and Login. Then, choose "Buy".

You can also contact us at or Toll Free: 1800 572 2909.

Please contact us for bulk orders at or Toll Free: 1800 572 2909.

2. Which boards does the Akshara Application target?

Akshara targets CBSE class 10 and Karnataka SSLC boards.

3. Why is Akshara positioned as an Exam-Oriented Application?

Not generic learning content. All the content presented are important from the examination perspective.

Akshara provides the extract of the chapter at the unit level in the form of summaries.

Flashcards help to remember and recall learnt concepts.

Quiz is to check the understanding.

Question bank covers all types of questions hand-picked by the experts from various sources prescribed by the Board of Examination and from previous year question papers.

Hence, we position Akshara as an Exam-Oriented Application.

4. How does Akshara help the students to get better marks in the examination?

Summary aids in summarisation of the unit from the examination perspective.

Flashcards help in last-minute revision, memorization, and recall.

Quiz helps to check the understanding.

Question bank covers all types of questions from previous year question papers and hand-picked questions from other sources prescribed by the Board of Examination from the examination perspective.

5. How does Akshara help slow learners?

Magic 70, a special feature of Akshara application includes approx 40 handpicked must to know questions by experts for potential (slow) learners, which if religiously practised will fetch them 70% in their exams.

6. Schools discourage kids from using mobile phones as they get distracted. How does Akshara deal with this?

Akshara can work offline once the content is downloaded. We also give tabs (with no SIM card) with Akshara pre-loaded.

7. How long is the subscription for Akshara application?

Subscription is valid for the current academic year.

8. Which subjects are covered in the Akshara Application?

CBSE class 10 Science, CBSE class 10 mathematics, SSLC Science, SSLC maths.

9. What is the medium of instruction in Akshara?

English is the primary medium of instruction in Akshara.

10. How is Akshara different from other Education applications in the market?

Akshara application targets both low and high scoring students. We are in line to the latest revised changes as announced by the examination boards. We provide learning content in small nuggets at the unit level of a chapter focusing on final exams only. Akshara is an offline application which requires the internet to download and login only. This unique offline model gives way for less distraction while studying and takes away the anxiety of parents towards using mobile phones in the schools.

11. How are you comparing your application with other available guides in the market?

Akshara application is easy to navigate through questions and allows selective access to view the answers. Summaries are in the form of an infographic with attractive visuals and illustrations. Flashcards and Quiz are mapped at the unit level letting the students to revise a unit in time span of 10 - 15 minutes. Content is split into small nuggets at the unit level for a chapter, focussing only exam-oriented essentials. Questions are handpicked by experts and contain detailed solutions with marking scheme.