Exam-Oriented App for CBSE 10 grade and SSLC

What is Akshara?

Suite of learning and exam oriented applications

Applications for CBSE 10, Karnataka SSLC, and BSc Nursing

Comprehensive applications

Student friendly

Budget friendly

Result oriented

Android Mobiles and Tablets

Akshara Features

Why Akshara applications?

Akshara helps you learn methodically

We help you make the best use of technology by bringing your study materials at your fingertips

Content is optimized for easy consumption

Use of modern techniques like infographics makes the content attractive

Long revision cycles are simplified by using modern techniques like flashcards

Digitised quizzes help you evaluate your understanding and readiness for the exams

Akshara Summary

How to maximize the benefits of Akshara?

Akshara Quiz

Use Akshara every day after your classes

Go through the summaries after every class

Revise and remember the content by using flashcards after every sub-chapter

Check your understanding quickly by taking the quiz

Question banks are exhaustive and completes your syllabus

Experience the real exams by attempting the model question papers