Best Nursing Exam Preaparation Application

Why Akshara for nursing?

Content prepared by referring to the books prescribed by the examination board

Tools like Flashcards, Quiz, and Image Bank for easy assimilation of concepts

Acronyms and Mnemonics throughout the app for easy memorisation

Guidelines for developing answers and remembering images

Exhaustive Question Bank with answers

Akshara Features



Extract of the sub-chapter from EXAM perspective

Easy to understand and absorb

Attractive and engaging format

Page design with nice typography, visuals in a friendly format for better understanding

Definitions, Comparisons, Images, Mnemonics, Worked examples, Concept maps, Clinical facts, Microscopic structures, Processes

Akshara Summary


Akshara Quiz

Learning drills for memorization and recall

Exhaustive coverage from EXAM perspective

Concepts, Formulas, Equations, Diagrams, Symbols/Signs, Mnemonics, Abbreviations, Images, Rules, and Application of concepts and formulas

About 20 to 30 minutes to review all the cards in a chapter


Test conceptual understanding, comprehension, and critical thinking

Coverage - from EXAM perspective

Concepts, Formulas, Equations, Diagrams, Application of Concepts and Formulas, Rules, Symbols/Signs

Solution explained for each question

Akshara Flash card

Question Bank

Akshara Question Bank

Comprehensive set of questions and answers from EXAM perspective

Questions are classified based on marks

Exhaustive coverage of the chapter

Indicators for critical points to be covered as part of the answers

Answers represented in the form of charts, diagrams, tables with clear headers/titles

Covers clinical aspects

Image Bank

Captioned Images with description

Revise at subject or chapter level

Both understanding and exam-oriented diagrams for last-minute revision

Easy to navigate and search through thumbnail/preview

Akshara Majic70

Model Question Papers

Akshara Question Bank

Experience exams before the real exam

Papers prepared by experts with many years of experience in setting papers

Subject/Paperwise Solved Model Papers